Friday, October 5

Kreations by Krissy now open

Another shoppers announcement - Kreations by Krissy is open for business and you can get ther fab Hanna stamps from here. They are offering FREE SHIPPING - yes EVEN TO US IN THE UK for the Month of October - order now and tell her you saw them here :)

These stamps look great.... did I order... Hmmm guess you might find out one day. (or not) LOL


StampOwl said...

Hi Caz I guess that means you ordered them ........ they are such fun stamps!!! I have been having such fun with them! Hey and how good is free shipping to UK and Aust!!!!

steph said...

I must confess - I ordered these too! And a load more Bellas which were also free shipping! Mind you with all the postal strikes - I'm not sure when I'll get chance to play!! lol!


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