Tuesday, October 23

Oh Lordy... in the family way??

Hmm I hope not... our sweet little MingMing has only had her male brothers as company before joining the rest of the wonder pets... but today I see he hopping about in her cage with a mouthful of straw! My first thoughts were OMG shes building a nest! I suppose time will tell... I will check out for mouthfuls of tummy hair too as apparently they do that too. I hope she isnt. Our neighbours had to pay the rescue centre £50 ($100) to take her siblings on....


Sarah said...

Hi Caz,

I had a female rabbit who wasn't with any other rabbits and she used to do this about once a month. They think they're pregnant and nest build but it passes.

They can also get a bit grumpy, bit like us girls do!

Hope it's a false alarm.s


Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

Hah, and you assured me it was a boy!



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