Tuesday, October 23

Sneak Peak on Stamp Owls blog - NEW Hanna stamps


Frances is lucky enough to have received her second Design team set, whilst I am STILL waiting for my purchases first set. Still I am sure it will be worth the wait... "please be today, please be today" **** EDITED TO ADD it was today!! YIPPEEE I am hoping Caiden will sleep later and let mummy play. Hannas landed onto my doormat this morning and what a pretty landing. After trying to tear into the plastic packing envelope with my fingers and resorting to scissors, I went to oh so carefully trying to untape the pretty tissue so I could keep it! There has been a lot of thought into these fab stamps, down to the cute packing and the lovely touch of the hand wrapped set :)

Anyway I was excited to see this second set, I *need* it dont I? I mean for the trauma of waiting for the first and to test the postal system again :)

Darren got paid today and I am treating myself, Harvey and Caiden to a Macdonalds lunch, I wont be telling H until we are on the way as otherwise he was say "is it lunch yet" for the next 4 hours! Why is it kids love this so much? we only have it once or twice a month if that, but its a treat for him, bless, little things please little minds.... I suppose the same could be said of me and my emense excitment from pieces of rubber!

Here is another peak on another site


StampOwl said...

Hi again Caz ... I will cross my fingers your Hanna Stamps arrive soon ... you definitely will need Tis the Season I am sure ... it is a fun set!

steph said...

Hi Caz! I got my Hannas this morning too!!! I've made a card but decided to send it to one of the magazines to see what happens!(finally plucked up the courage to send one off!!) lol! Fingers crossed! Still no sign of Bellas, hopefully they'll be winging there way through the letterbox tomorrow! lol!


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