Thursday, October 11

Spinner unit for sale

** still available **
I have this spinner unit but I dont have room for it. It is fab for of course displaying cards for sale but also holding cards on a workspace. C6 cards and envelopes fit as do those old bazzill scrappacks and half a4 pieces too. I believe it has 4 things on each side and 5 sides. I used to keep colours in them, like all the red together, all pink, ect ect it was great to keep on my desk and just grab bits. I am selling as I havent the room, also I have a new thing I need to save for. I wont be able to post this as its too big. So it would be collection or I can take with me to somewhere I am working. I am wanting £25 for this. It cost me at least double.
So who wants to help me make some space and some money for my next venture :)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Me please Caz!!! I am in Smallfield, whereabouts are you?


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