Monday, November 5

Another Magnolia I am afraid!

I do hope you are not bored of them, but this little guy needed inking up, he was getting a complex ass (whoops) I have had him some weeks and not used him. **** apologies for people on subscription as I typed Ass!! LOL gave me a giggle though!!**

At my demo at CUL there was this rather fun looking card, I have seen these before and perhaps someone can tell me the official name for this card? I have been calling it a "oingy boingy card" LOL So I measured it, and folded it and here it is.

Magnolia stamp, Dovecraft Paper, Prima Flowers, Zoomz from Stamp Galaxy, Cinnamon star and heart, pencils, glitter glue and a whole lotta fun!


Kim said...

Oh he is cutie... me wants that one..

that card is called a spring like your namr better though

Anonymous said...

Hi great card. The name of the card template is a Sring Card.

Emma Joyner said...

HIya Caroline,

Like the others said it is a spring card. After seeing them displayed at a craft fair, I've finally found the best formula of making them - especially without worrying about the envelope situation.. I started making it out of an A4 sheet. BUT finally found out that it works great with a 4x4, or any square card blank. AND you also have the envelope to match it! Hope that helps. Emma x


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