Monday, November 12

Busy day yesterday

I was busy but not stamping. Next best thing, eating at TGI's for lunch and organising craft room :) I got two bookcases off freecycle and filled them up yesterday. I also added the lettering to my two baskets for my Magnolias and Clear sets. As much as I love looking at boxes and boxes of primas I unloaded some (not the glass jar ones) but a my plastic pillow box ones into the Stampendous clear pails and hung them off my shelf, which you cant see but its just above the bookcases. They look cute hanging off the shelf and have cleared my shelf a little ;)

I have asked hubby for my room to be painted for a present some time, I did say mothers day, but valentines is closer so I think I will get it done for that. Its currently decorated as a kids bedroom but I would like it white to make it look nicer.

Upon organising some bits I decided I wanted to clear somethings and one of which are my stamp drawers. These are solid, quiet heavy and definately collection only. I was thinking £25 which was half what I paid. These are plain wood, they were brought plain and you are supposed to paint or decorate. They hold stamps beautifully, I kept some of my wording stamps in them. You can fit stamps 2 high in them. They are in good condition, a few cup rings on the top but if you manage to finish them off (Like I didnt) this wouldnt be seen.

email me if you are interested in these :)

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