Thursday, December 6

Friday Update

Cant believe its Friday, things are blurring into each day. Dad is not any better. Infact he has had to go back onto the ventilator as his chest is bad (see that those 20+ a day fags ARE doing you harm Dad) He was going to have a tracki yesterday but now he is back on the ventilator properly.

Were going a much as we can to visit, today we are leaving much later. Least gives me a chance to spend with my boys. Its hard to leave them, but I feel I need to be there for my Dad and my Mum.

If there is one thing to make me smile this week is to see the new offerings from OMG these are TOOOO cute.. I love the new designs :) I believe these are out this weekend and Karen has kindly promised to keep some by for me encase I am at the hospital when they are released.


Morwenna said...

Love and hugs to you all Caz. Be strong for one another. Keeping your dad in my prayers.

Rachel said...

Its good to see you still have a corner for some stamps. Here's hoping your Dad stabilises nicely for the weekend **hugs** and hun its only Thursday so you are a day out at the moment :-)


nitestamper said...

missing you on the blog,
all thinking of you,your Dad and family
keep positive

wendy said...

sending lots of love and hugs your way!


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