Monday, December 10

Monday Morning

Excitement in the house as Harvey is having a "test run" with packed lunch today, he is staying there until 3;30pm!! OMG whats mummy to do sitting here at home fo 6 1/2 hours without him. He was soooo excited and when we got to school all the kids were showing off their new lunch bags/boxes and what they have for lunch. Also he has the first showing of thei nativity play today. I will be going to see it tomorrow, cant wait. He will be full time after Christmas all the time, for now its just the one day.

No change with Dad, he is still not waking. I am gutted that I cant get to the hospital today. Its hard to get there with the kids. Also my brothers FIL is in the same hospital, the floor below having a triple bypass and valve replacement so he has to be there fo his wife and family. Talk about a crappy Christmas run up! Mum and everyone says I am not expected to be there every day but I WANT TO BE THERE! but realistically I know I cant. Mum is hoping either today or tomorrow to speak to a consultant to find out what the plans are.

STAMPIN' Up! Yes I know I am going through a rough time BUT I am still taking orders and wanting to take orders and book parties fo you. Please dont think you are bothering me if you want to order or ask something. I want this to be a success and I know my Dad does too so please dont rule me out coz of what is happening.


Kim said...

Caz it was lovely to meet you this morning and thanks for my order. I do hope you get good news soon about your Dad. Caiden is a sweetie, just adorable. Hope to see you again soon. Take care. Kim x

Rachel said...

Sending you More Hugs Caz. Its hard to put your mind to anything when all these things are going on - so I hope you just sat and played stamping for 6.5 hrs OK - especially with those new stamps sitting there. Will be thinking of you.



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