Sunday, December 16

WOW thanks everyone

Can you believe over a 100 messages of love and support and they have really lifted me. Thank you. My Mum wants me to make a book of condolences with the cards that we have received and also wants me to print out all of the messages you have left.

Funeral is 21st December, it sounds like Dad is going to have a lot of people there to send him off. Nothing grand, my Dad thought that a waste of money, only one flower display from Mum, my brother and Me, he thought flowers a dreadful waste and instead we are collecting for Alzheimers. His Mum died of this, its a terrible disease. I have been in charge of the order of service design and I also set up a website in memory of and which is linked to the Alzheimers Charity so people can make direct credit card donations on behalf of Dad. I also have written a very short poem to read out, nothing great but a little ditty, just like my Dad used to write for us. I will share it with you all after 21st.

I am sure much of you are aware with greaving and how one day is an up day, one day is a down day. Things remind you of them all the time and I still cant really believe its really happening!

I need to get to picking up a stamp, Dad wouldnt have wanted me to stop stamping and I dont, but its early days yet. I said I would stamp my card for the flowers, didnt feel right to use a shop one and now I am panicing about what I can do!!

I have a stack of Magnolias I have received recently, like over 12 of them! I also have some adorable Sugar Nellies on route (the new maggie ones) and a few nellies already here including the fab rock star one from my Sugar Shaker reward! Thanks Karen!! :) Some fab Stampin Up! stuff too.... so I have my hands full of beautiful stuff, just no mojo right now.

Penny Black fans are in for a treat with the new spring/valentines/easter designs. WOW!! I have some of these on order and I hope they might come just before or after christmas. There are three new clear sets and yummy wood ones too. Keep checking to get yours.


Anonymous said...

So very sorry for your loss

Morwenna said...

Lovely to read your post Caz.
Just keep taking each day as it comes. (((Hugs)))

Leann said...

love to you & your family Caz x x x

Michelle said...

Caz, I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Wendy Schoonhoven said...

I'm very sorry for you loss and wish you and your family a lot of strength and courage to go through this awfull time together...the donation for Alzheimer is a great grandmother is suffering from Alzheimers and I hate what it's doing to peoples Wendy.


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