Friday, January 25

Stampin Up! London Meeting

Look!! Its me with Shelli!! Isnt she stunning?

I went to the Stampin Up! London meeting last night and had a lovely time. Best of all I got to meet Shelli, co founder of Stampin Up! and a wonderful woman. She seems really to care for her business, she demonstrated for us which is great as so often it seems crafty businesses are owned by business people and not crafters and those businesses loose their heart. of course they need an element of business sense to run a business but love for the product and the hobby will always win for me. She was imaculately turned out, as she has always been in all photos I have seen of her and her smile made you smile.

There was a lady called Debbie also from the "Home Office" as they like to call their HQ. She did some great demos. Both Debbie and Shelli did simple demos but we still learnt things and it also showed us some simple cards that we would be able to make in a make and take at a workshop. The meeting were for recruiting but at no time was there a hard sell at all. It was like, "this is what being a demonstrator is all about and if you want to join us just let us know". That's about it really, no pressure, just fun. They took details from us all for door prizes and I nearly fell off my chair when I won a stamp set. Inside I was "whoo hooo yeah!!" but you know us brits and we all just clapped.. LOL I think deep down there were a few of us that want to cheer and shout, I know I and I felt very star struck seeing Shelli, for me it was a big deal, being a Stampin Up! fan for so long and loving their product, finally being able to sign up to become a demonstrator then unfortunately with my Dads passing my crafting and SU wasnt high on my list so I needed something like this to get me excited about it again. So seeing Shelli was great. We had a little chat as she told me off for clearing the table, I said I am a mum I cant help it! LOL I wanted to tell her all about how excited I was ect but feared that I might end up a rambling mad woman!
I met people off the demo blog I belong too, fellow crafters and bloggers and I wont list them here as I will forget someone and I dont want to do that. BIG thanks for my friend Kay for coming with me.
I was buzzing when I got home, couldnt sleep. Harvey was a nightmare when I was gone, apparently going to bed ok but then he woke at 9pm and was most upset that I wasnt there and he was still up at 11pm when I got in! He just wanted to hug his mummy so I couldnt be too cross, Love him so much.


Crestajune said...

How exciting for you! Sounds like you had a great time!

Fabrizio said...

Hi Caz, I agree about Shelli she's so warm and genuinely interested. She took the time to go around all the tables and talked to everyone in the room. To be honest I didn't know who she was until she presented herself as the CEO. My highlight of the night was meeting Paula Pascual and yourself ! I'm so sorry to have bullied you in taking a picture with me, I hope I didn't startle you, I do admire your work and as I told you I've been subscriber of all three Origin Publisher magazines; everytime I see a group of cards I like there's always your name on it.

I do understand how you feel about your dad passing away, mine passed away in April, then my gran and uncle: three deaths in the family within months knocked me out for six last year and I couldn't function for nearly six months.

Going back to the Su night I was shocked I won a stamp set too, my demonstrator Jodi was so lovely I decided to give her it: she was over the moon. Again Caz it was great meeting you ! OMG this isn't a comment it's a novel ! LOL

Fiona Whitehead said...

Glad you had a great time Caz - and nice to see there is a real person behind the Shelli legend!

Julia said...

It sounds like you had a fab day Caz! Hope it has helped you get you back in the swing of things. x

Michelle said...

Wow! congrats on meeting Shelli. That had to be sooo exciting!

clueless26 said...

It was such a lovely night lastnight. I was so exicted to be there and meet everyone. It's lovely to put a real person with the pictures in the mags and speakin to you on the forum. I was like you lastnight.... when I got in I couldn't fall asleep at all. All I could think about was stamping and if I didn't have to work today then I would have got back up out of bed and crafted until the wee hours of the morning. I think maybe I should create myself a blog on here. Maybe one day if I'm not so "clueless" :)

Girl With the Gadgets said...

How great for you. Must have been some day for you.!

All Pink girl said...

Wow Kaz how exciting .bet it was so brilliant .so glad you hada great time ,Dawnx

Heidi Michel said...

You are so lucky!! I have not got to meet her YET!!
Great pic!!

Clair & Sharni said...

Sounds like a fabuous day - glad you enjoyed it xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kaz!
I know exactly how you are feeling! I was one of the first demos from Canada (#6) and the excitment was amazing the first time we opened the doors to a meeting here!!!
Shelli is all that you say and more..the most amazing woman to head up such a huge corporation!
I was actually on the Canadian Focus Group before it even came into Canada and SU flew us all down to Convention in Vegas. What a thrill. We arrived in the hotel as the new catalogue was being handed out( as they used to unveil it at Convention) was CRAZY!!! The swaping, the cheers when they announced Canada was opening up OMG! You brought it all back!
If you have any questions feel free to ask! You are in for a great adventure! Hang on!!! LOL


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