Sunday, February 17

Candle Tutorial

I had a few people asked so I just did this quickly this afternoon. Its very simple. You will need
* Candle

* Stamps

* Ink (I used Staz on)

* Colouring medium - I have used Watercolour Pencils, H20's, Watercolour Crayons, Distress Inks before

* Tissue Paper

* Greaseproof paper

* Heat Gun

* Scissors

Stamp image onto tissue paper using a waterproof ink such as Staz on, Archival, Memories

Colour image in with chosen colouring medium. I have in this instance used Watercolour pencils and an aqua brush. The following two pictures are of what I have coloured and then the paper underneath. This is just showing you how the tissue absorbs the colour. DO NOT move the tissue about when colouring as it might transfer back up through the tissue.

Cut around image, you dont have to be too precise, just taking the excess away. Place onto candle and take a piece of greaseproof paper,wrap around the candle and scrunch up around the back and hold tight around candle. Here is a picture of the greaseproof paper held tightly. I didnt show my hand as it looked horrible!! LOL I need a model hand for these pictures, mine are looking too old!

Take your heat gun and hold approx 2 inches away from candle and whislt holding it I wiggle it a little, not too much, but a little so its not held totally on one part of the candle.

This last picture is after I have heated part of the candle. If you look closely you can just about see from his eye and to the left it looks slightly brighter. This happens has the tissue gets absorbed into the candle. When that happens all over your candle is done.
If you take the greaseproof off before its ready you can replace the greaseproof and heat again with no problems.
I will finish this candle off later. We have treated ourselves to a movie on demand! Very rarely do it, I mean like once or twice a year. We have got Transformers :) Should be fun.


Anonymous said...

OOOh I love this idea,I can only get to the glitterpot once a year, when I visit my sis Sarn.....might have a go at this one tho!! said...

Thanks for this.I will give it a try.Elisa.x

Sue said...

thanks Caz,you're a STAR :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, thank you

Janine said...

Thanks Caz for the class - here is one I did at home on a 79p candle from Woolies

Anonymous said...

Thanks to share!
Here my version!


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