Tuesday, February 5

Didnt mean to leave you in suspenders

I got busy last night and been out all morning.

No one was right I dont think. Pregnant? screams of horror would be more fitting! LOL I love my kids but two is it for me!

Got my shed? Nope .. I wish!

WOn the lottery? you think you would see me for dust?

My excitement was ordering the shed :) its now just 3-4 weeks away or sooner until I have my beautiful chalet style shed with half glazed georgian door, georgian windows, fully lined. Already I am wondering how to fit it all in and make best use of every nook and cranny! He is sending my the receipt for the deposit and a drawing so I can look at it everytime I get downhearted about trying to work in the front room with the kids.

Darren was working really hard this weekend and he has cleared the rubbish pile at the bottom of the garden. I said to him, as I know he didnt want my shed up near the house that if he can make a base for my shed down there in time then I will be there. I want the best of both worlds really, to be near the house, but also for it not to be! LOL The eaves will be 7ft high and the shed will be only 4 foot away from our main front room window which will effect the view! LOL and light and with my sensible head on I have agreed its too close, although handy as we wouldnt have had to pay out for a base, although part of the deal of having that patio was that he extend the patio the other side anyway so really we would have spent the money anyway. We were busy last night on the internet working out how much cement and ballast we need for a base, where we can get it from ect ect.. He wants to get working on it this Saturday when I am working and has already told Harvey they are digging Saturday. Harvey is very excited and Caiden will love it out there too in the mud! Shame Harvey has no concept of time yet as he told me he wasnt going to school today as he was digging the garden with Daddy. We had a 5 minute disagreement that it WASNT Saturday today!

Lots and lots of love to my Mum for giving me the money to make my dream come true! Maybe she thinks that the shed will be cheaper than therapy and she has seen how hard is is for me to concentrate on prepping for classes ect with the choas here.

Looking on the craft blog Paula Pascual posts to about craft storage I tried not to get too sad to see a lady with her 22ft x 10 shed!! I will be happy with my 10 x 8 Crafty Palace. Not sure if I told you all that is the name for my place. My Dad was a life long supporter of the Eagles and Crafty Palace seems apt for somewhere I can retreat to and make cards and have a quiet time to think about him and other things.

Thanks to all those that pop on regularly. I am sorry things have been lacking craft wise recently. its just so hard to do right now with the stuff scattered all over the house and no where quiet to do it. Also loosing Dad has hit me hard and zapped the creativeness some what or the enthusiasm (sp) to do it. Thanks for all the wonderful messages of support over the last couple of months and sharing your own stories of greiving ect

xxx Caz


Anonymous said...

Ooohh.. you will so enjoy your crafty Palace when it is all done.. When I had my craftroom all fitted out I just sat on the floor with the door closed and just looking at my drawers/shelves/stash and tools *Ü*

TCake said...

Hi Caz.....glad to see that you've ordered your shed!....i'm sure you will very creative in crafty palace!...still feel like i'm on a roller coaster dealing with bereavement but you do work through it...and for me crafting was my salvation.
Big Hugs


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