Saturday, February 2

Have to point you here Marlene has done a fab job with the New Sugar Nellie Stamps. She was the first off UKS to post a card, its beautiful isnt it? LOVE those designs.

These stamps can be purchased from



Anonymous said...

Hiya Caz *Ü*

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and for the link!

Those new Lola's are truly a dream!! and I wish I bought the whole set now :P

Am adding you to my links now if that is ok with you?
Have a fab weekend!

Marlene x

Fabrizio said...

Hi Caz thanks for your lovely commnet, I went to see that blog, you were right gorgeous work done by Marlene. Now if I sell one of my kidney do you think I could afford all the Sugar Nellie Stamps ? LOL


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