Sunday, February 17

He earnt his Lamb Shank didnt he?

Hubby finished the base off, so I treated him to a Lamb Shank roast. He likes lamb, I on the other hand only like chicken so we generally have chicken every Sunday. He deserved it though, he moved my Mum out yeterday, the poor boys were round my mums for 9 hours yesterday as the house got gradually emptied. Darren and my brother did all the moving into storage and they will be moving it all into my mums new place in a few weekends time.


yamsi sue said...

Yes,Darren certainly did deserve his lamb shank and what a great job he has made of the base too :-)

Janette said...

Hi Caz,
YES I think he did......amazing...cant wait to see the step by step room growing and the decorating and the filling and the storage ideas etc etc etc
Janette x

Monica said...

Caz you must be so excited hun!! Is finally all happening and your Darren might deserve lamb shank for dinner a few more times. Can t wait to see it finished. M xx


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