Monday, February 11


Here is Darren getting stuck in, he has dug the whole and is now filling with rubble and he has put the frame up.
Here is Caiden in the Mud, he had a great day on Saturday whilst I worked. Harvey was the same but I missed him in the photo, by the time I had got home he was bored of the mud as he had been out all day.
Here is the base that Darren has made a fantastic start on, infact he has less left to do that he has done. I said to he I wondered how long after he started he realised it would have been good to start offloading the cement at the other corner!! LOL

SO here is the starting of my Crafty Palace :)
Here are a few pictures.


Han said...

Hi Caz how exciting that the work is underway, I bet you cannot wait lets hope the weather holds out for a while longer for you. xx

Lisa said...

Ooohhhh bet you can't wait.

Annie said...

I'm so excited for you!!


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