Friday, February 22

Thanks to Sarn and other nattering

For sending me a article on a lady and her crafting shed, there are lots of bits and bobs I can look at and use for inspiration. She has the same size as mine as well so its good to see it being used. Mind you, now I am worried its just not going to be big enough for my plans! LOL Also adding Sarn as a fav on my UK bloggers, check her cards out, she loves Penny Black and has made some lovely cards.

Mum is coming back from her brothers Sunday. I am going to go and pick her up from Bexhill. She has stayed there for the week and enjoyed her time there, she said it was nice to be away from it all when the house actually sold, hard time for her, saying goodbye to the house and the dreams that her and Dad made when they put the house up for sale. She is coming to bunk with Harvey! I'll have a clean and tidy house for a week! LOL she does like things just so and my house isnt to her liking, but its hard work with the kids undoing what I have just done. Yesterday for instance, after weeks of living off the laundry pile and not taking the washed clothes upstairs I finally put the boys clothes away only to find the boys had emptied a trunk of shoes all over the kitchen floor. Then there is the constant sweeping of the front room, only for the boys to have found a box of polystrene chips and be picking them to bits to make "snow" ARGH! I will have a mad clean up today and Saturday evening. I am working all Saturday, have to leave a 8am and wont be back until 6 at the earliest.

Shed - havent heard anything yet. Although all is not well with the base and there appears to be an uneven bit in the middle, from when Darren did the first installment and the second. Could have be frost as its been bitter here for a week alll whislt Darren was doing it. So we are both cheesed off about it, me coz I just want it finished and the shed to be delivered and him coz he has to try and do it again, also money as well, we will have to buy more stuff to finish it off. :(

I have made a couple of cards and a little easter treat holder for tomorrows class. I will share ones the class is over. Also made a cute little card with some of my Stampendous goodies :) Gotta love that monkey! He is tooo cute... I have to pop to petrol station now and get some diesel and then I am popping to local 2nd hand furniture store as I saw a fab shelving unit just great for craft goodies. Just need to see if I can knock the price down a little as I havent got a lot of cash to play with.

Speak later

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