Monday, March 17

Bee in my bonnet

My Mum used to say this about me... Once I get a bee in my bonnet about something I wont let go and I get really annoyed when I can't make it happen ! LOL Usuallys its something silly like the other week I wanted one or two of those things that stand up on your desk to put cardstock in. I wanted my SU card to hand... so I nipped down to Staples and got two. :0) or sometimes it will be wanting to move a whole room around, so I just do it!

Now this time I wanted these fab things from ikea and they dont have them in stock at my local one and its really annoying me! LOL They are like trays that attach to legs and I was going to put them on the new legs I was also going to buy, I dont want to make a half hour plus trip for just two table legs and also my shed just wont feel complete now without them! LOL what am I like eh? Hmmmm spoiled brat comes to mind, but I like bee in my bonnet better... makes me laugh saying that, Harvey said "I'm not a boiled rat" when I said it to him the other day... tee hee. kids eh?

To do for my shed - otherwise know as note for Darren :0)

Buy a clock
Put the 3 shelve's up
Put stamp shelf on the wall
paving slab down outside
Find a home for my SU sets
Get a punch rail up (where I have NO idea)
Worktop up
Buy legs and those "other things" that go onto the legs
Take another chair down.

Chat later, I am off to Mum's havent seen her much this busy weekend.



Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Oooh, I've just seen that you are going to be doing a pop up designs article in next months cardmaking and papercraft magazine. I'm looking forward to reading it :-)

Crestajune said...

I just caught up on reading your blog. (I should be working on lots of other things, but I needed a break.) YOU GOT YOUR SHED!! Hooray!! I am so happy for you. Looks great. I know you have been waiting a looooong time. =) Have a GREAT day! Hugs, Cresta =)

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Wow. You sound like me. When I want something I hate to wait and can't understand why it isn't where it is suppose to be.

Stamping Moments said...

Caz, In ikea they sell rails in the kitchen department for about £2 they hold 6 of the largest SU Punches. Fab, I have them on my craft room photos on my blog. Jenny x PS Crafty Palace looks fantastic, Enjoy.


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