Monday, March 24

Easter Monday

The boys are up, Darren an BIL are still in bed, oh to be a man eh? I was up at 6 with Caiden. Harvey didnt get up until 8:15am so that was nice for him and me! LOL I decided to tackle the laundry pile that is washed ect just needs to be sorted and taken upstairs, I was trying to see if it would get to the ceiling before it fell down but I thought better of it. So now it has been divided and I am waiting for Darren to get up so I can take it upstairs.

It was lovely and sunny when I got up. Now there are a few snowflakes flying about. It snowed quiet a bit yesterday, settled a little and then melted as the sleet came. The clever easter bunny hid all the boys treats in my shed, wasnt that a good thinking bunny? meant Harvey wasnt trapsing about the garden in the soggy lawn and snowy wind.

Darren asked me when exactly I was going to USE my shed! LOL I said I know, at the moment it seems weird to up and leave the family to go play. I am hoping Caiden will nap later at a time I can go and create. Yesterday was out as Mum was here, Saturday was out as I was working all ay, Friday.. Hmm I was going to say not sure, but we were at Ikea for most of the day, so since my shed has been completed I havent spent any time in it!

Fingers crossed for me I get time today. I need to prep for my class this Saturday so I had better get a move on.


Handcrafted With Love said...

....... If I were you Caz i'd leave Darren to sort everybody out today (even the boys) and you take yourself off to your little haven and craft away til your hearts content! My idea of a pefect day! ;0))

Love Pam xx

Diane.W. said...

I agree with Pam!!!
Just disappear,see how long b4 they realise,lol!!! :o)x

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

i know what you mean about "up and leaving" the family to craft. I used to have my craft room in the room downstairs which isn't accessible from the house. I rarely spent any time in it because I didn't like leaving everyone!
Now my room is just off the kitchen and I spend loads more time in it :o)

You must go and make use of your wonderful craft shed though, it looks fabulous and needs to be played with!

Chris said...

Hi Caz

Just found your blog - you have some lovely cards will be taking another look soon

Chris x

Jo said...

Glad the Easter Bunny turned up for the boys!! and hope you get chance to go "play" in your palace :)


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