Thursday, March 20

Have you spent £50 on a single order with my with SU?

If you answer yes please contact me. This is £50 on a single order for SU stuff. Email me and I will add you to the 50/50 list.

Whats this I hear you ask? OK, I have a grid, 50 squares and on it I will write down the name and telephone number of each person, everytime they place a single order for £5o. Once this is filled I will put all names into a hat and drawer a persons name out to win a fantabulous prize! Whats that I hear you asking again? Well, £50 to spend in the catalogue! What else would be fitting for the 50/50 club?

This offer is a personal offer, available from Me, Caz and is my thank you to my customers who are placing their orders with me ;0) each time you place another £50 order you will get a place on the grid. If you order £150 you will get three places!

So what are you waiting for? Email me and I will start to put names on. Apologies that I can not add names automatically for orders placed before now, simply been so busy lately.

Hopefully post a chatty and maybe crafty post later. Got lots to do today. Had a SU party last night, need to go to the bank so I can get this order placed. Thanks ladies to all those that came last night. I hope you had fun!


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Lil' ol' me said...

Hi Caz
Not sure whether to thank you or strangle you! I read your post yesterday and promptly found myself ordering 3 magnolia stamps from the Glitter Pot! DH is going to kill me.
Have you any stamin up catalouges for sale still?
Enjoying the shed saga, your hubbys a good man isn't it?


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