Thursday, March 13

Lookie Lookie

I was starting to feel ill, it was 11.49am and the shed people werent here. I wanted to call but was too scared incase they said no... Anyway, Darren called I was just about to tell him about how ill I felt and it wasnt coming and I heard a truck outside..

Here is photo number one... I had to come in as I think the boys were winding the men building it up! LOL

this is the inside left and back... As you can see the inside "stuffing" to keep it all nice and toasty! Now since coming inside they have put all the sides, front and roof on and are playing about it with. I am so excited I think I will have a little dance inside! I have beautiful windows and door on the front. Its a shame the way the garden is that I have had to put it the way I have, but never mind, its in my garden and its MINE!!!


Momiji said...

cant wait to see it all set up with your stash..all nice and cosy..your little haven!

Jo said...

I'm so envious! I have a corner of the bedroom *sobs*
hmmmmm!...unless I can get the kids leave home... mwahahahahahaha! ;)

Diane.W. said...

OMG! Cazzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is fabulous & I'm so envious!!!!
Right I have to show these piccies to my hubby asap,LOL!!!
It really is great, u r lucky,your very own palace ;O)xxx


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