Thursday, March 13

Missing you

I am really missing blogging and more importantly I am missing cardmaking. I have been so busy of late, nipping here and there and also so absolutely shattered so even when I have a half hour spare to be able to make a card I feel so tired I cant! Caiden isnt the best sleeper and I am such a light sleeper everything wakes me up. I have oodles of stuff to show you. I got my little cotton rabbits stamps from, this was a pre order for the rabbit kit. I have some contraband SU! USA stuff, lovely mini ribbon spools from The Glitter Pot, Yummy Stampendous stamps and more!

On a happier note my Crafty Palace should be coming today. YIPPEE will let you know later for sure. I am going to very busy over the next week or two getting the palace up and running. Darren, bless him will be spending his birthday working on my palace :) We have to paint and carpet it and then put the electrics in. I expect I will be moving boxes and things for months to come too! LOL trying to fit all my stuff in is going to be fun! I have a lot!

Harvey is not going to school today, he is very hot, got a bad cough and said he had a headache when he got up. It actually makes it easier for me, shed people wise, for him not to go so I wont have to be going in a out. Its funny how some other days he might say he doesnt want to go to school. When they are ill and cant go he is creating about wanting to go!! LOL He is not going though, hes not well thats for sure, my poor little man. Sometimes he seems so grown up, but ill today on the sofa hes just my little poppet that needs his mummy. I went to see his friend yesterday Adam who has been off school with chickenpox. Both my boys have had it and my friend was going stir crazy with two kids. Had a cuppa and chat. Poor Adam, I have NEVER seen so many pox on one little face. Caiden had it bad, Adam had it much worse! or different I should say, he had hundreds of little pox on his face, Caiden had lots of bigger ones on his little face (he was only 7 months old). He has been OK with it, not ill like Caiden was, he was throwing up with it as well! I hope to see Adam and Harvey both well enough to go back to school Monday. Please send them get well hugs.

Oh well, better get ready for number two son to get up. Drink my cuppa and plan the day inside ahead.



Julia said...

Hi Caz, I've been missing your creations too, but I know you're a very busy girl. Great news about your palace, can't wait to see it. You'll have to take loads of piccies for us to drool over!! Big ((hugs)) to the poorly boys, hope they are on the mend soon. xx

Diane.W. said...

Hi Caz,Really missed you!!!!
Hugs to the boys,get well soonxxx
Can't wait to see your lil palace.
I finally plucked up the courage 7 joined in the fun & have now got my very own blog!!!!
Have a lookie when u have a min,LOL!!!! :o)x


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