Tuesday, March 18


Here are my new shelves. I havetrying for 2 days to upload its not working grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr have shelves to show, card, book marks and tiny gift box too. I have used Photobucket to show these off.


Claire said...

WHy not try hosting the photos at photobucket and showing them that way (I quite often do that with my blog anyway).
Looking forward to seeing them one way or another!

Michelle said...

Hi Caz,

Sorry you are having problems with photos, I look forward to seeing them when they are up. I love the palace! I sent you an email a couple of days ago about getting to post on Stamping for Real and UKSUdemochatter...could you please point me in the right direction as I would love to join in! :-)

Thanks, Michelle

Annie said...

I've had issues with blogger lately too. I hope you get to post the pictures soon, I'm just dying to see how your special place is coming along!


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