Sunday, April 13

95 thousand and something....

You lot sure do like something on this blog... perhaps my insane ramblings, hectic and colourful family life or maybe the smattering of cards I pop in here when I have the time? I CAN NOT believe that in just a little over my years anniversary I am fast approaching 100000 hits!! I remember looking back at my counter when my Dad was critical in hospital, it was then approaching a big milestone and I remember thinking I should have celebrated but of course I was in no frame of mind. So maybe the next one, this HUGE one I should do something...?

I wasnt very well yesterday, felt yucky, achy, hot and cold, but seem to be better today, not 100% but certainly better than I was. Typical though that it was the day I was to be going out with some friends for a meal. I mean I NEVER go out and was looking forward in my own funny way (ie not really but knew once I was out I would enjoy it) anyway, felt so ill I couldnt go.

We seem to have busted those pesky nits out of Harveys hair a mixture of the initial treatment we put on with neem oil which apparently they dont like and the further hair washes and combing with tea tree shampoo and conditioner. We or I have decided now this will be our normal shampoo and conditioner anyway and I may well buy some tea tree oil too just for occasional use.

The weather here is beautiful at the moment, no doubt cold, but beautiful blue sky and sunshine shining down on my Crafty Palace. A few people have asked if I have named it, my shed that is. I have sort of said but not in a big annoucement way but yes, it is OFFICIALLY its my "Crafty Palace". Name taken from my Dads lifelong support of "Crystal Palace FC" That was his team and although he hadnt been for a while and was recently going to England Rubgy games he always loved his team. I can sit down there, create and think of him and it will give me somewhere to go to think of him on special days when I miss and think of him the most.

I went to the Glitter Pot yesterday, I had to pick up some goodies to prep with for my classes Saturday. I had briefly thought about going to Ally Pally yesterday but I decided against it as the train, entrance ect would take away any spending money I had. They had a stack of Magnolias but they were selling so quickly.. Did any of you get what you wanted?


Diane.W. said...

Yes I got 3 more Magnolias & you are a very naughty girl,encouraging us all to spend more money,lol!!!! ;O)x

Girl With the Gadgets said...

Congrats on the large number of visits. What a fantastic thing.

I am trying to resist the enabling that is trying to happen here.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I enjoy looking at the cards you make and the music is great. It took me forever to find a place to order the Take That cd.
Ann T./USA

lcrmum said...

by the way neem and propolis shampoo keeps the critters away. My daughter had a time with them a few years ago. we tried the tea tree and neem cream spray etc they always came back since we have started using the combination shampoo of neem and propolis they have literally disapeard! the kids in my childrens school are getting little critters in there hair all the time and my children have not had any in over a year! just thought youd like to know. :)


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