Sunday, April 20

Fab day

The weather has been lovely and we have spent all afternoon in the garden. We desperately needed some time in there but each weekend it has been nice I have been working and when I havent been its been raining. So we have had a major tidy and its looking nice now. OK it wouldnt win garden of the year, with all the toys ect but its looking like a nice family garden.

The pigs and Rabbit have had a lovely munch on the grass, I moved their hutch to their summer place, the ballpit balls have been placed into a big bag and are on freecycle! (warned Harvey, if they didnt pick them up they would go) and he being a lazy wotsit was happy to let me pick them up and give them to someone else rather than pick them up! I have planted a few plants, popped them on the patio all in all a good day for the last day of the school holiday. I even got to potter around in my Palace, I didnt make anything but moved bits about, tidied up from my prep, unpacked my Granny Bag and put all the stuff back in its place. Just cooking my Sunday roast and we will be having that in about 10 minutes!

Hope you all had a lovely day too.



Girl With the Gadgets said...

Just like kiddos to play with stuff and not put it back. My hubby says I am just as bad.. I told him I like my organized clutter.. hehehehehe.. he doesn't find it funny. good luck with the garden..

Kim said...

Caz I did email you, did you get my images and the cheque? Kim


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