Thursday, April 10

Who's that trip trapping accross my bridge?

OK its not one of those trolls but its a troll from the new Magnolia line.
Shes cute isnt she?
I used Stampin' Up! paper and cardstock. A prima flower and Eternal Maker button.
The funky flower background in my new stick on stuff on my table top! My desk is a rather ugly orange wood stained one, so I thought I would jazz and lighten it up with this sticky stuff. I want to paint the bottom of the desk in white one day too.
Chat later


Handcrafted With Love said...

........ Sorry Caz I forgot to mention your lovely works of art when going on about pesky visitors. You have been very busy whilst the PC has been poorly sick and your cards and bin are lovely. I hope that your PC is mended and ok now chuckie.

Love Pam xx

Diane.W. said...

They are soo fab,aren't they?!
I was lucky enough to win some stamped images of William & Martha & all their accesories,with an Atc I made,I was overjoyed,lol!!!
Yours looks fab,well done :o)x

Justine said...

Hi Caz, your blog is sooo inspirational, check our my blog, you have won an award!
Justine x

Kim said...

Tee hee she is rather....

Suzy Longbottom said...

I love her!

Your blog is fantastic, and I your cards and other creations are all great, well done!

Suzy x


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