Tuesday, May 6

Fun with images

I used to not "get" images. I am the sort that wants the stamp, wants to stamp it out and colour but with the ever growing list of stamps I love, the ever growing bills to pay and the ever shrinking list of other stuff to do and lack of time I have enjoyed a few people sending me images. So here is a card I made that a friend Tracy sent me of the spring pack magnolias and also another card I made with my Shabby Chic stamps.

I coloured both of them in with Stampin' Up! watercolour wonder crayons, I do love to use these. These cards are a bit plain, I do try and jazz them up like all the stunning cards I see but it just doesnt look right when I do it.

Beautiful sunny weekend and a lovely day today. Took Mum to garden centre yesterday and she brought me a rose called "my Dad". I have planted it and at the moment it is just a bare stem so I have decorated the top with stones, of course in palace colours. Here is a picture of "my Dad" with stones... I have since of course spent much time rearranging the stones as Caiden enjoys fiddling!! LOL The rose when out will be a very large red rose so that sounds nice.

I just found a picture of how the rose will look...


Anonymous said...

Fabulous cards! :) Love the new look to your blog too!


funky Fairy said...

Great cards Caz :)
Love your idea of the rose,and the way you have arranged the stones..its a lovely thing to do,and i'm sure it will look gorgeous when it grows x
shaz x

Treacle said...

Love the cards Caz and that rose looks like its going to be beautiful when i flowers


Girl With the Gadgets said...

What a great tribute. Love the way you used the stones. What a great idea.


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