Sunday, May 25

Little wabbit!

Awww what a cutie. I said I wouldnt get thiz ztamp (BTW my letter iz really playing up zo I am typing Z inztead) Itz too much effort to get the proper letter out! quiet annoying for zomeone trying to talking about ztampz and being ztampingcaz! LOL

Harvey had a party yezterday and I left him there to play and I went round my friend Tamzinz for a bit of a play too. Tamzin waz making all her country craft ztuff for a villiage fete and I made a card... here it iz.

Very zimple card az I had limited zuppliez with me.

I got the ztamp from but you need to add the proper letter!


Michelle said...

Hi Caz,

The rabbit is really cute and I love the card. Couldn't help thinking that it should have been an image of a bee though ;-). I hope you get your S fixed soon!


LazyKay said...

Oh that'z zo cute (lol, zorry, I couln't rezizt it).

Lovely image.


Girl With the Gadgets said...

Cute cute cute.. Thanks so much for sharing this great little project.

Diane said...

It is soooo cute!!!

kerri said...

this is really cute caz

Fae said...

It's a gorgeous card Caz. Good luck with your S's xxx

Andrea said...

Lovely card, Your Blog is so happy looking.
I dont know if I am being a bit silly but how do I look through the SU catalogue.
Cheers Andrea

southern fairy said...

hey i see u r an sbs member perhaps i could tempt u to join in the fun on the new sbs18 challenge blog :)

Stampin' Meg said...

What a cute bunny- so sorry to hear about your letter "s" going on holiday. I think all the "z" are quite funny and refreshing!


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