Tuesday, May 13


Was a lovely day, weather was beautiful. OK I didnt do anything out of the ordinary, infact I was doing the food shop in the morning, not much in the day, cooked a roast for tea.. that was about it. Coz I had my radio and clothes before my birthday I didnt have a present to open (all together now Awwwww) but I had some money from my brother and also and cheque from sellig a couple of my cricut carts so I went and brought something for me!

I have wanted one of these for ages and I didnt realise they were over here, I got mine from argos for £50. It is FAB!! OK the user needs practise but I can see this being used lots! Its small, it WORKS which is more than I can say for the 3 provo ones I have had.
Yesterday I also got a fab little toy that I won off ebay USA. My funky pink flip! So now I can play about with that and maybe make some tutorials. I did one, but I watched it and learnt from it, I adjusted the placement ect, so I was re filming it and then BANG BANG BANG on my shed door and Harvey was there. He came in and I said to be quiet and I started again...needless to say I had a giggling boy and by then I was too! LOL I must say I HATE MY VOICE.
Right got to go and wake the boys.


Diane.W. said...

Happy B'day for yesterday Caz!!!
That sewing machine is excellent for £50,I don't trust myself,I prefer my finger tips plain,not zig-zag stitched,lol!!! ;O)x

Joanne said...

Great card with your new machine - and I love yesterday's one with the barbeque Changuito too. Happy birthday for yesterday! Know what you mean about the sound of your own voice! But yours sounds fine to me - so blab away and I'll listen to it - giggling from Harvey will just add to the fun! It'll be just like one of your classes - your voice and lots of laughter!!

Anice said...

Ooohh that little sewing machine looks great and the important thing is that it works..I've had two Provo ones as well and neither have worked! Might have to take a little trip to Argos!!
Anice xx

Marlou said...

this little machine looks fab!!! I have an old singer which broke and I paid £40 to get fixed {just to sew cards with lol} anyhow it stopped working again and I thought maybe sewing paper was the problem, can you let me know if you dont mind would you definitey recommend this, I bought one of those provo ones too and it was awful!!! :( your little card is gorgeous by the way :)


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