Monday, June 30

Are you busy this Saturday?

I am teaching two classes at the Glitter Pot and I would love you to come along. Penny Black have brought out an ADORABLE set called 12 days of Christmas... now the wording may be Christmassy but the images are perfect for any occasion... very very cute images.. ever seen a dog drumming? or a partridge sitting in nest cross stitching WEARING ROLLERS? a ballerina hedgehog and a French hen complete with baguette, glass of wine and a beret! I will be designing a few quick and easy mini cards and designing a wallet for them to go into too. It will be a fun class!

Thats for the morning and then if you have been admiring my latest Magnolia cards then you will get the chance to make up a card or two using these wonderful designs. Magnolia have designed stamps of main images and accessories to work together. You all know how much I love these stamps and I want to spend the afternoon with you stamping these beauties!

Magnolias + papers + flowers + Colouring = beautiful cards!

See you there!


Handcrafted With Love said...

........ Think we'll have to move closer to The Glitter Pot Caz!

Joanne said...

Sulking 'cos I have a 30th birthday party to go to, and it's at lunch time on Saturday :o( . . .Otherwise I would have been there . . . Looking forward to seeing the cards on your blog to make up for it!


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