Friday, June 27

Darren always breathes a sign of relief when I say

know those new stamps... well I dont really want many of them. WHOO HOO! he says... inside his head no doubt.. Yes dear he says outwardly LOL I am always talking stamping with him, I think he is glad I have the blog as at least I cant share with people who love stamps as much as me... anyway as I was saying there are some stamps that arent me, much like there are probably a lot of stamps I use you wouldnt. So when I saw the new Elizabeth Bell and Sarah Kay there were only 3 or 4 saying buy me. I am not saying this to be disrespectful ot mean, just simply stating a fact that MOST of them didnt appeal... just as well when it seems the entire Nellie and luca, Rachelle, Maggies, Magnolias and more. I ADORE the work I am seeing with these new stamps and I admire the artists work but I dont want to buy them and make cards. SO last night I inked up one of the two Elizabeth Bells stamps that did appeal to me BIG TIME... I think she is called Sweet and Sassy and for me the appeal in her was her country charm along with a mangaish touch.

On with the card details I coloured her in last night, I had a thumping head all day yesterday and couldnt finish the card so I threw this together literally in 5 minutes just now and think its turned out cute, I nearly threw the image away as I didnt like my colouring last night. Cuttlebug fantasy flowers were used, basic grey papers, craftwork card words, eternal maker button, scalloped card was brought like this and I think it was Glitter Pot.

I missed out on the one Sarah Kay I wanted as they have sold out at the Glitter Pot but I will get it one day.
Harvey has an assembly today. Its a grandparents one. Mum is going, I hope she enjoys it although she will feel sad too. Harvey was crying last night about it, we both had a cuddle and a cry, when I went up later he was in bed sleeping with Grandads tropies that he is looking after for nanny... aww bless him. His memories will be short but he has good memories of the fun he had with Grandad, I tell him he has to tell Caiden was a great Grandad he was and he promises he will.
I have a class and demo at Crafts U Love tomorrow. Come along and look at how ADORABLE these Magnolias shrink up! I will share the cards after tomorrow.


Sarn loves choc said...

Very cute card Caz. Hope the assembly went well.

Robyn said...

What a beautiful card!! I love it!

Diane.W. said...

This is gorgeous & the colouring is luvly.
Hope you have a great class at crafts u love & I will speak when I get bk from my hols,take care :o)x

Jill said...

your card is absolutely gorgeous as alwasy, your colouring is fantastic. I know what you mean about the stamps I only bought 2 of these and this was one of them, it's the same with Sarah Kay I like them but not all of them, I think the ones I liked have sold out so I will have to wait.(lol)
I also lost my dad 5 years ago he was 52, my oldest son still misses him loads and we talk about him all the time, my little one is only 3 so she never got to meet him. It's hard but you have to think of all the good times Jill xxx

tomiannie said...

Turned out very cute indeed! I hope the assembly went well, too.

LazyKay said...

Great card.

Loving memories are tinged with sadness but lots of children never know a grandparent so the short time he had will be precious.

The people we love live on in our memories.


elisa said...

Lovely card.These stamps are not for me either but I have seen some lovely cards made with them.Everyone likes different things.x

Sassy Crafts said...

Love that stamp, she's so cute. x


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