Friday, June 13

Hard days and holiday snaps

Yesterday was another milestone since loosing my Dad. Can hardly believe it was 6 months ago I lost him. I think of him and miss his daily, I know Mum does too and infact says its getting harder not easier. I had a dream about him last night, I cant remember what it was about now, but I know it was a happy dream. I am hoping it might come back to me later. Wouldnt it be fab if we could tape our dreams? I would have a real selection of fun one, action packed ones, down right weird ones and maybe one or two of me in a clinche with Brad Pitt!! LOL Fathers Day and Caidens birthday on Sunday, I am hoping the happiness of having my beautiful, naughty, cheeky, fun and dirty boy will outshine the sadness of not having a Dad to say "Happy Fathers Day" and give him something naff like a DVD, socks or something else. We are hoping to take him to the beach, as long as its not freezing and raining we're go with a picnic.

I thought I would share a few of my fav pictures from holiday...

Darren the boys and Mum in the pool. The water looks lovely doesnt it? It was a bit chilly in there!

Me, Darren and the boys. I really like this photo, despite Caiden!! LOL But basically at a few weeks off two this is Caiden to a tee... stroppy!

This is Harvey and me. We were all at a bar-be-cue at John and Ginnys friends house Denis. He has amazing views from his house. Mum was petrified on the drive up there! its long the sides of the mountains.

This one makes me laugh. You ask Caiden a question and he shrugs the biggest shrugs you have seen, He was also sticking his lips out but I missed that on the photo but this photo brings back giggles!

This one is a town we visited. They have a lovely walkway, a beautifully decorated wall and these fun concrete decorated chairs, all different ones. The town is famed for its orange groves and the whole place is surrounded by orange and lemon trees. It was a nice morning out.

I dont think you can see in this size photo but across the top of the furthest mountain here are a row of wind turbines, an amazing sight. I personally would prefer to see these amazing things than huge plyons.


Handcrafted With Love said...

Stunning photo's Caz and you all look like you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

Love Pam xx

Julia said...

Great pics Caz, the views are beautiful with lovely blue skies and sunshine. I've still got another six weeks to wait for our holiday!!

Samm said...

Oh these are fab!!! love 'em!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh, they are so cute - I'm still giggling about your buckle situation...hehehehhe!

LazyKay said...

How often we dream of our lost loved ones and hold them again and speak to them and see their smiles - and yes, it would be lovely to record those and add them to our memories!

My heart feels for you and your family.

I love those photos! What a great time you had.


Elaine said...

Great photos, Caz!

I know how you feel about your dad. My dad died not long before Father's Day last year and I took a card to the Garden of Remembrance. I think I'll do that again today. All "milestones" are really difficult, but every day is strange, to be honest - in different ways. It takes a long time to re-adjust, from what I can gather... but I still think about my dad every day, numerous times a day! I don't think that will change. :o)


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