Monday, July 28

Hey cowboy

Isn't this the cutest cowboy & girl ever? I am pleasd to FINALLY own some Alota stamps an picked up a few this Saturday at Crafts U Love. These two stamps are seperate but I wish I now went for the cowboy set as its fantastic price and has loads of other designs.

The paper I used for this card was Craft U Love, it actually I suppose the reverse side of some very lovely paper, but to be honest I brought it for the back design coz you know I LOVE ORANGE! The patterns to be also look quiet western I think!?

I have other Alota stamps to share so will hopefully make some more cards this week. Talking of card making here is my Harvey this morning and he did some amazing colouring (for him) usually its a scribble of colour over the entire thing in one colour, but this time he really tried! I was well impressed. Note he cant just colour like a "normal" 5 year old, has to be with the aqua painter!!


Anita Knits said...

That really rather good Harvey, you are going to give you mum a run for her money. It was really nice to meet you on Saturday Caz, and put a face to your name. You are one talented lady. Anita

Janine said...

Love the cowboy and girl - takes me back to dressing up as kids - I had a lovely deep red cowgirl skirt with mock leather patches and we had toy guns which wouldn't be PC these days.

That little face concentrating on his colouring - how cute and what a great job!

Momiji said...

really cute card and I love the colours.
Very well done to Harvey too..great colouring stopping him now!

Kim said...

Oh Caz, bless him. My grandaughter Katie is exactly the same, she HAS to use watercolour pencils and then use the Aquapainter - if I try and give her ordinary pencils, she says "No Nanna I want your special pencils and brush"!!!

LazyKay said...

Great cards, love the cowboy/girl images.

WELL DONE young man - I think that's a great job you did there.


Becky said...

What an adorable little stamper you have! :)


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