Friday, August 29

Always there....

Summer days out
playing in the garden
bar be cues
you were always there

childhood memories
fun and tears
all those years
you were always there

growing up
moving home
building family
you were always there

decorating help
moving vans
grandkids arriving
you were always there

Christmas coming
excitement growing
depths of sorrow
you was not there

new year
new pains
so many memories
you are not there

new days
new adventures
new memories
you ARE ALWAYS THERE.... in our Hearts



Diane said...

Hi Caz
Another major milestone achieved - well done. Birthdays and special family occasions are always the worst.
Thinking of you -x-

Junie Moon said...

I lost my darling dad when I was just 13 and don't have the list of wonderful memories that you have recalled. However, I do have memories and you're right they will always be there in my heart. The next two weeks carry the anniversary of the passing of my Dad, Grandad and Nan and I have such wonderful memories of all of them - I only hope that I can pass them onto my own children. Thanks Caz for making me remember the happy times - Juniemoon x

LazyKay said...

And he always will be while he's loved and remembered.


Kim said...

Awww Caz what a beautiful poem and equally beautiful photo, such treasured memories, biggest hugs to you and yours xxxxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Caz this is truly beautiful and totally understand what your saying it really touched my heart thank you for sharing

Janine said...

Sad day Caz - thinking of you and your Mum. Janine x
p.s. parcel arrived with Melinda's son last week but waiting to play as she has been off this week!

Kim said...

Oh Caz, that is so lovely it made me cry. Thinking of you. Kim x

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

What a lovely poem Caz, brought back a few childhood memories for me, words so meaningful. I lost my dear Mum and Dad, nineteen and twenty-one years ago and its the happy memories that keep me going. Thinking of you xx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Think my message may have got deleted. Just wanted to send my best wishes to you. Hope to see you at the shop soon, kind regards Heidi xx

Crafty_Kitten said...

Such a lovely poem, and a wonderful tribute for your Dad's first birthday anniversary. I know I am a little late with my message but my thoughts go out to you and your family.
I am sure he is watching over you all.
xx Lynn xx


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