Monday, August 18

Eastbourne Airshow

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We all went to the airshow yesterday. Mum and Milo too. Had a lovely day. Amazing how tiring sitting on beach can be! Mind you I did go up to the rubbish bin twice or three times and to the ice cream place once so its no wonder my legs are feeling a little bit "used" today.

Instead of boring you with loads of photos I just made this little collage, showing us all and a couple of the show bits. WOW the red arrows are AMAZING!! I love the chinnoock (I know its spelt wrong) helicopter and also the jet near to the end made you body shake it was so loud! Caiden didnt like it, I LOVED it. Milo was unphased. Funny I said to Darren I dont think there is a box in his puppy socialisation page for "jet fighters, red arrows and helicopters"!! but he did good.


Momiji said...

lovely photos of your day out with your family..great for the scrapbook!

juliejules said...

Looks fab, we are coming to Eastbourne for a week on Saturday!! Might try and squeeze in a visit to THe Glitter Pot!! Jules

david santos said...

Really beautiful posting!!!

"08-08-08" Olympic Games.

LazyKay said...

Hi Not been to blogland for a a few days so have been missing out.

SO pleased you had a great day, love the photo collage.



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