Tuesday, August 12

Fantastic deal on Memory Albums

One of my Daysies (what I affectionatly call my downline - hate that expression) anyway Natalie has a new blog and a fab offer on some albums... check her blog out http://www.natalie-oshea.blogspot.com/ and its a few posts from the top I said I would share with you as she has about a 100 off these to shift! Tell her caz sent ya!

Today Milo is allowed out YIPEEE I am waiting for Darren so we can all go on the first walk together... how sad is that? Darren took some cute photos of Milo at the weekend. Milo likes it down by the guinea pigs and rabbit. He did bark the first day but now he just wags his tail when he goes to see them. Of course I wouldnt let him get in with them! LOL

I made two cards for my class today but I forgot to take a photo of one of them... anyway here is one... its Basic Gray paper to make a "mans" card. No cute stamps on this one, although I really did like the Hero Arts background stamp I used.

I will try and get the other card off Crafts U Love website ;0)


elizabeth said...

Hey Caz,

Milo is such a cutie!

I have an award for you on my blog! :)

Elizabeth xxx

Tina said...

OMG Caz he looks so much like Puddin (Spike) Both Mark and i have just said wow he looks so much like him, if he ends up with the same personality you'll laugh and laugh, as soon as we just said he looks like Puddin, he came to the side of us and started talking to us, he makes the most ridiculous noises but we love it, my gosh i can't believe how much he looks like him, I have to dig out an old photograph they could be twins if they weren't nearly four years apart.....i hope you'll keep posting about him i'll be popping back to check, Jacks are the best dogs on this planet, they have such huge Characters and they are the most faithful friends, i would be lost without my babies....my gosh i still can't get over how much he looks like Puddin....it is so uncanny.....Pudding came from Horncastle but i don't think he was born there, they've been the biggest part of our lives for the last three and a half years and i wouldn't change a thing...I wonder if he'll be a mummy's boy like Puddin.......Big Big Hugs Tina x


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