Friday, August 1

Stamp meetings

If you live nearby to Redhill in Surrey there is a craft club that used to be the one I ran called "Chicken Shack Crafts" Now when I gave it up I was so pleased that the ladies continued to meet. Now numbers have dwindled and they are looking for more new members and I might be going back to use the same hall on the same day and use it for mini classes for stampin up! products.

The format of the meetings are really relaxed you just take some stamping stuff along and projects you want to do and do them. Sometimes people take stamps to share with the others to stamp so take extra white card along, sometimes someone might have something new to share and might end up doing a demo! although they will probably panic at the word demo, shall I re phrase and say sometimes someone might have something new and they show each other how it works.

I am not sure how much it is for the meeting but only a few pounds. Also I said I might be sharing the hall with them and I will come along and make a SU project and for a nominal fee you can join in, I am think just a pound or something to make the project. This wont be a big full on class but just showing off some of the SU products and making something with them that you cna take home. Then you will be finished and able to join back into the main group. If you are interested email me your contact details and I will get Su to contact you.

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