Thursday, September 11

Not as expected

Today started badly, Harvey lost his school shoes, well mislaid as we did find them... but it took 20 minutes to find them. They he cried at school. Then I took Caiden to his first day of pre school, he went off happy as larry, not sure how I felt about him leaving so easily.. then I got home, cuppa tea, adult TV and by that I mean not cbeebies!! LOL I had prep for my 2 classes in Glitter Pot... Oh this is lovely, 2 hours by myself.. made one card, Joanne who I am going to Biggin Hill with called.. natter natter natter 1/2 hour later get making another card. Phone rings, "is that Caroline... Caiden has been a bit upset and is now asleep on the floor and we cant move him as his is getting in a right state when we try" Jump in car. pick him up face down off the wooden floor!! He is wide awake in the car, chatting and smiling.. mummy isnt! Gave him is lunch and put him in car, whacked up heating to make him fall asleep.. did the trick, he has slept now and I have finished my prep. I cant show you right now though but they are cute cards if I dont sayso myself.

Another thing not as expected is this card. I never make 1/2 A4 sized cards but I had coloured these images in... not sure about the card but I doubt it will be given to anyone anyway.

feeling a bit weird today, not sure what.. just a bit yuck! I have a mega busy weekend so I hope it doesnt come to anything. Two very full classes at Glitter Pot and Biggin Hill on Sunday... I cant wait for next Friday too as I have a training session at High Wycombe with Stampin Up! there are over 55 demonstrators going to this meeting and we are having a pizza before hand. I am inbetween things making 60 ish swaps and want to think of a good idea for Demonstrators Choice thing that they are holding.


kerri said...

I hated that first day of pre-school. So glad it all went well.
Loving your site Caz.

Poppet said...

Your post made me smile, kids bless em, and i love that card, my son has his birthday on halloween and i have been looking for inspiration for a card for him and i wanted it to be spooky and bright, that is ace...

Love Pops x x x

Shary said...

Hi Caz
No SU weren't giving out the new catalogues. I was a bit disappointed with their stand actually. They had a massive stand but only for signing up and some people were sitting at tables trying out a few stamps and ink pads. Not what I thought it would be at all. I was hoping they would have the stuff in the catalogue for sale.


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