Sunday, October 19

Meet Joel!

Isn't he adorable? Those eyes are to die for.....

Kay dropped Joel off Friday evening whilst I was at work. He is one of two stamps from Toodles & Binks and currently I am one of a very few people that have him! You can get yours too at and whilst there check out their new Zoomz!! beautiful gold and silver ones as used on the card too. The papers/Card/ Punches are Stampin' Up!

Toodles and Binks stamps are made from red rubber and come unmounted. I know they will be stocking U mount soon too. I personally much prefer rubber and U mount than clear and am starting to think about storage issues again... Hpw dod you store yours? I think I need to start a T&B folder for mine. Currently with my Magnolias I have them in folders, two for tildas, one for edwins and one for accessories but not sure if this is the best way to store them or not!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, the difficult issue of storage, finding a solution, and then having to re-think it due to expansion! I really, really wish somebody would come up with a ideal and expandable system.

SU's are stored in their boxes, I have calendar cases full of favious um's, and then a cd folder for Magnolia stamps. Some others are stored in A5 wallets, and then the most useful way I've found recently is to have them on rings in plastic baggies - that way I can shuffle through and find what I want easily. The rings sit near my desk on a hanging rail, but I think I may need to have a spinner for them now. My Toodles and Binks will probably be stored on rings as well.

Adele said...

Love it Caz, Joel it adorable isn't he!

love Dingle.xx


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