Friday, October 24

Morning Opp's and a card

Harvey went into school today very upset.. Mummy accidentally broke his special box that held his "jewels" that he panned for at Tulleys Farm this summer... He was taking it to school, I noticed his shoes were on the wrong feet, popped him in the car, not realising he had put his beloved treasures in the door and SLAM.. box shattered, stones everywhere and Harvey crying..
So here is my "sorry" box... I emptied all my beads out this box, stamped a Spiral Whisper pirate and wrote "harveys treasure" on the top... Now I wanted to really go to town.. but you know 5 year olds and it would have been picked off, scribbled on ect ect so I left it how it was... Do you think he'll forgive Mummy? A step up from him soap capsule box!

Here is a card I made with the image I coloured in the other day.
Spotty orange paper is Stampin' up!
Magnolia can be brought from Sir Stampalot or Crafts U Love
Green Flower is Crafts U Love
Buttons Eternal Maker
Zoomz Stamp Galaxy



What a beautiful halloween card and box. I am sure you will now be forgiven, what a clumsy mum!! Loving your work. Hugs Linda x

Linda (UKS Gadget Monkey) said...

I bet Harvey loved his box.... and that Tilda is soo cute, shame I dont do Halloween cards really. Hope you dont mind that I have tagged you, visit my blog

Take Care



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