Tuesday, November 4

Magnolia Alert


Magnolia are also starting to ship out their winter club kits and apparently they are not the same as ones released so far, although I havent read that bit officially myself. Glad they are shipping thought as we are in November now and need to use these stamps!

Got a SU party this morning... Mum is looking after Caiden. Class tomorrow night at Crafts U Love using Magnolias ;0) Infact November is a pritty hectic crafting month what with other classes, NEC, school sale night (for which I havent made a thing!) I will try and post as much as I can thought, but if I go awol you know why

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Good to hear their on their way, like you am waiting for them. Didn't want to buy any from the web till the club stamps came. Thank you for the news! Hugs Linda x


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