Tuesday, December 9

Could have been worse...

Harvey has a book called this, about a little mouse and all the predicaments he gets into, not knowing that it could have been a lot worse. Today that sentance rang true.... one of my favorite places suffered a fire last night, the Glitter Pot in Scaynes Hill has been damaged by fire, the classroom is closed but it could have been a whole lot worse. I really feel for Bryan, Carolyn and fab staff at the shop, having just undergone a LARGE extension this was not the end of the year they deserved.

They have already made the headlines http://www.midsussextimes.co.uk/mid-sussex-news/Fire-at-Scaynes-Hill-.4774152.jp

The shop is still very much open for business so I hope you can stop by and buy some fab goodies and send your well wishes.



Rachel said...

Oh My goodness - not a great end to the year for them at all.


Clair and Sharni said...

OMG - Poor Bryan & Carolyn!! xxx

Claire Jeffreys said...

Oh no that is awful!!!

My thoughts go to everyone at the Glitter pot.



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