Monday, December 1

Cuteness alert!

OMG I would love some of these cute critters HUGGABUGG from I cant work a link direct but search for these and be ready to ahhhhhhhhhhh BITTYBLOOMS are stinky cute too.....

Santa, I have been good all year *wink*

Might have a card to share later, just need to assemble it ** edited it add I probably wont have a card to share now.. CAIDEN very kindly put the images I spent all night colouring into my paper trimmer!!



Karyn said...

Aw bless him Caz, don't you just love kids!


craftycow1970 said...

that's kids for daughter waits till i'm deeply embroiled in a card then pops up "mummy i want to make something".....not right now


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