Saturday, December 20

A face like this deserves a little something right?

Aww look! Too cute eh?

I made these today... very simply, nothing special as I am sure the pots will be thrown once dogs have eaten treats. The one with blue paper is for Milo... then there is my brothers dog and then Poppy and Peaches next doors rotweilers... Poppy and Peaches sent Milo a card with a bone inside last week so we decided to return the favour ;0)

Had I been able to cover the pots nicer, ie they were pots that were the same size all round then I might have made more of an effort but the way these pots are you cant cover the whole of them as they go wonky. Also the lids were blue and this wasnt working with the three girly dogs! Pots are filled with layers of gravy bones, dog rolls (dont know what they are called) and doggy choc drops and topped with more gravy bones.


1 comment:

Jo said...

What a great idea! Hope you and your family have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year x


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