Friday, December 5


For all the flack we give them we have to applaud them for being good sports. It seems each time I make a mans card it has a comical element to it and they always take it with a good laugh (not like us ladies would) LOL I think the last mans card I made was my brothers and it was basically saying "families are like fudge, mostly sweet but with a few nuts" He laughed when he saw that ;0) SO today when making a card for my BIL (who incidentally will be the same age as me on Saturday) I reached for a fun Stampendous set - its called Prehistoric Party SSC1006 and you can get it from.... Hmmm well actually all three of my usual suspects do not appear to have it... but I should imagine The Glitter Pot, Sirstampalot OR CraftsUlove would be able to order it if you asked nicely... I thought it was a fab set for men and boys alike.

A simple card... not sure BIL is really into handmade cards... anyway here it is.

There are 6 dinosaurs in all, along with a Happy Birthday wording, the one used above, presents and cakes on their own and the dino greenery stamp too. It really is a great set to add to your collection.

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Rachel said...

Very cute card. I love the dragon breathing fire on the candles. Excellent job coloring and shading! Oh, and the wording is very funny.

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