Tuesday, January 6

Its me

Back with a posting before I am off to bed. Thanks for all the hints re the PC. I have today been trying to get all the rubbish off the pc and putting photos onto cds. Its a slow process but I will get there.

Here is one of the cutie images from Pollycraft again (link in posts below) Coloured with promarkers, craftword cards birthday circle and candy dots, paper was printed.

I got two more cards to share but I dont want to spoil you tonight so you'll have to come back tomorrow ;0)

Nite nite



Hayley said...

Sooo pretty - TFS

Elaine said...

Totally cute, Caz!

Hope the PC clean up is successful and that it doesn't die on you. Another suggestion to add to the mix - make sure all the fans etc are free of dust. I tend to hoover out the fans on my laptop every few weeks, and when we had desktop PCs I would hoover the fans/outlets on those. This helps to make sure the PC is cooling efficiently.

Uninstalling all the extra crap and defragmenting the hard drive is a very good idea.

Another idea is to make sure you don't have lots of programs running in the background when Windows starts up - you can find info online on how to check this.

If you don't already have one, it might be an idea to download some virus/spyware checking software too.

If you're into last resort territory, and you have all the software you need on disc, including your operating system (and your serial numbers etc), and have all your files backed up, it may be worth formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows and all your software, or getting someone that is confident to help you do that.

Good luck!

Tina said...

What a Cutie...... lovely card Caz... Hugs Tina x

Chris said...

Hi again-
Since I have recently been through this, if you can get DVD-R or RW and your system is capable of burning to them, you can store more data. Also, 'zip' the files so they are smaller and faster to transfer.

Another resource for system back up is www.carbonite.com. Its an online backup and youget a free 2 week trial. That was long enough for me to backup what I wanted, wipe my systems, then restore back gradually over the holiday. Feel free to email me clhouchins at gmail.com if you have specific questions.

Emma said...

Sooo cute...gorgeous colours.
Emma x


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