Thursday, January 8

Maple Wood up for grabs

I have some 12" lengths of maple wood that has been routed (spl) to make hand grips (so made to look like wooden rubber stamp wood) There are different sizes, all approx 12" long so they can be cut down, but some are approx 1" some are 2" and in between. Solid maple, I paid someone to make these for me some years ago. Does anyone want them? Collect from here or when I am next working at The Glitter Pot, Crafts U Love ect I can take them along.

Seems a shame to throw them. I used a load of it before, but now I dont think I will need it.

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1 comment:

Glitter Monkey said...

Could you not use them to attach Cut n Dry foam to? Perfect for your re-inkers etc. I have about 20 door knobs with the foam attached - no more inky fingers!! Lol Lynn x


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