Sunday, March 29

Lovely day at Crafts U Love

I had a lovely day at Crafts U Love yesterday. All apart from a headache that was making me feel quiet ill. I was demoing and classing. The demo was using Magnolia and Alota stamps to make some cute cards and the Class was a clever double slider card and the Stampendous Frogs. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of this card, its hard to get the WOW factor off of a photo with this one.
Here are a couple from yesterday - look nicer in real life as they were coloured with the sparkling paints and you cant get the shimmer from them in the photos.

Both are using the very lovely "tilda in hat" and the Alota stamps - the glass sold out (but is being re ordered) the circle is one of many on a whole sheet of circles or ovals. the lines are thanks to the window I was taking them at, it was the kind with the wire through the glass and to be honest I just wanted to get home as soon as it finished as my headache was really getting me down.
Got home, had some tea and then as evening came I ended up with the most horrendous pain. I wasnt sure where it was comign from but it was agony and coming in waves. If I hadnt known better I would have said labour pains!! Without going to too much detail, I had a very "funny tummy"sometime after, just before I was thinking I might need to go to hospital! Harvey as you know wasnt well last Friday, Caiden has had a funny tummy all week but been fine in himself, Darren has too had this and I thought I had escaped it as it was a week after Harvey wasnt well and he didnt even get the tummy, just being violently sick. I went to bed at 8.30 and not even the spell of Edward Cullen could keep me awake. (my Twilight Book) although didnt get to sleep until about 10 as these pains were keeping me awake.
I'll be back later with some more cards from yesterday.


Sarah K said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling poorly, hope you feel better today. Sorry I did not get to see what you done but I am sure I will soon (hint hint) x

SallyB said...

Poor you..It sounds horrendous! Well done on doing those lovely cards through all the pain...hope you feel better soon.

Treacle said...

Caz your cards are beautiful. I love the alota glass one.

Sorry you didn't feel well yesterday, hope you are feeling better today.

I was so tired yesterday I was in bed at 8 out like a light that will teach me to stay up till 3 making cupcakes and then doing a full day at work.



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