Saturday, March 7

OMG Ketto

Have you seen Ketto? OMG a fabulous range from Stamping Bella.. no wonder Em fell in love with these designs... I want... I need... I feel a second hand stamp sale coming on... all for the love of Ketto you understand!?!

And in the words of "da bella", you likey?


Emma said...

come on caz... be honest.. you just fell in love with those cute froggies didn't you!! LOL!!

S Goold said...

OMG - I just love those Kettos!

Trouble is I've spent afortune on stamp and stuff already this month!

Do you know if the Ketto's are going to be available anywhere in the UK by any chance? (If they are I don't think I will be abe to stop myself from buying!)

** Isa ** said...

Been away from the craft scene for soooooooo long that I need to win the lottery to get all the stamps I want! :op... Those are cute. Have a great week end.

Hugs x


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