Monday, April 20

Do I have any German readers?

I just found this site in particular this post about the cats and dogs.... can you tell me what it says?? How can I get these adorable stamps?? I have heard of Lelo designs, we have clear stamps in the UK with some Lelo designs but I wasnt sure if these will all end up as clear stamps and come to the UK or not?



Shell-copic colour challenge blog said...

Here you go caz.......along the lines of:

now runs the reservation for the new designs. However, this is ONLY WAY PLATE possible.
A plate will cost 25 euro, so get it at all pre-paid in advance a discount of 20%, compared to single purchase.

From now until Sunday 19 th April 09, you can order. to please send her an email with your complete address and the desire to record Then you get your bill. From 13.04. to 16.04.09, however, not because I am in short o), the orders received during this period will receive their bill until the 17.04.09. Consideration will be given only their orders until payment has been made 26.04.09.

And now the plates. The pictures are a bit blurry and the motifs do not correspond to the original size!

Hope this helps.


Kimbo said...

These are gorgeous. Sorry I can't help with a translation but it might be worth contacting Silly Monkey Crafts as they sell LeLo stamps . Kim x

Steph said...

This might help for future,if I come across things that need translating I copy and paste it into a online translator. Gives me the basics!

Cath said...

some blogs have a box for you to translate in to English.


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