Tuesday, April 14

Eagerly Awaiting the Chasing Butterflies collection??

I know I am! Chasing Butterflies is the latest collection from Magnolia and I know Sir Stampalot are waiting for theirs to come really soon! So to get us in all in a waiting for Magnolia frenzy I thought I would make a couple of cards. I was lucky enough to get the Spring Kit, some of of Chasing Butterflies collection are in the spring kit. I will post on my blog when SSA get theirs. The are around 6 that I still "need" from this collection myself, so I will be stalking their website daily!

This one is made with Tilda holding bee, the lovely flower from a past collection and the small bees. The paper and cardstock is SU.

This one is made with Tilda holding Ladybird and standing between the butterfly grasses. I added clear gloss to the bugs, gives they a great 3d feel. Papers are SU.
Blog Candy ; Just a couple more for another addition to the stash! Kay from Toodles and Binks has kindly offered some Toodles and Binks stash for me to add... so come on ladies, post about my candy on your blogs and the candy will grow!
Twilight ; I am on the fourth book now, I am soooo desperate for a happy ending. My happy will be Bella and Edward together forever... but I have a feeling its just not going to end like that! :( DONT TELL ME THOUGH!! LOL
Easter Weekend ; typical have a few days off and we are all bunged with cold, however thats OK we can live with that, so Darren has to get a fluey type thing that makes him bed ridden Easter Sunday and zombie like on Monday so we didnt do anything ;(
AWOL ; I will try not to, but it might be inevitable that I will have to go AWOL from posting cards for a while. I have a BIG comission for Cardmaking and Papercraft and I need to get it done, hence all my cardmaking time will be for work and not fun.


Susan , Cyprus said...

Wishing all goes well with the commission work.Will miss your postings though but look forward to seeing your work in the mag.

Tessa said...

cute cards!!

Kim said...

Oh Caz these are both superb!! I especially love the bee one, but then the ladybird is gorgeous.....

Looking forward to your commission its always a pleasure to see you in the mags .....

Sarah K said...

I adore these cute little stamps and you make them look soooo nice. Hope you feel better soon x

SallyB said...

OOH I love the bee and ladybird Tilda! I have been looking for these two. Can you buy them individually somewhere or do you have to buy the whole set!?
Just gorgeous!

Househund said...

Oh you've made these Magnolia stamps look delicious....!!!
I was lucky enough to join the M stamp club and received mine a while back... but the one of her holding the ladybird wasn't part of the club stamps package... it's ssssssoooooooo nice I wish you handn't shown me... Now I won't rest until I have it lol

Margie said...

Adorable lil Tilda cards!!!
I love your coloring, great job!
Very cute :)

You are going to love/hate the 4th book, Breaking Dawn!

{{hugs}}, margie


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